How Get That Classic Yahoo! Mail Look?

“One always remembers the classics” –unknown

This is a saying that most of our older folks are quite familiar with. In this extremely fast technological world, where applications and gadgets can get old in a second, you might feel the need to dip your toes in the pond of nostalgia even if the previous application is only a few years old. One such application is Yahoo! Mail. While the new look is quite efficient and frankly a lot more functional, but sometimes, you just need to relive the classics.

Our experts of Yahoo Technical Support Canada understand this and that is why they are here to present to you some steps if you want switch to the original look of the webmail client.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Once there, click on the “Help” button. This option is present at the top right of the page. If you want more visual cues, then you should know that it looks like a gear.
  3. On the resultant drop down menu that you see, click on the Settings button.
  4. By default, you will be in the “View Email” section. Scroll down to its very bottom. There you will see that Full Featured option is checked, select the “Basic” instead.
  5. Click on “Save” to proceed.
  6. The page will go through a refresh and you will now see the older, classical version of the webmail client. 
  7. If you need to switch back to the full featured, you can do so by going through the above steps and selecting the option “”Switch to the Newest Yahoo Mail”.
  8. The new refresh will set the webmail client back in its modern look.

As we have already mentioned, the above steps are quite easy to understand and easier to follow.  For more information or tips and tricks, you can contact our experts via the toll-free Yahoo Customer Service Canada. Our experts will assist you with navigating more of such customization options in addition to assisting you with proper solutions if and when you encounter any problem while using Yahoo! Mail.