How To Add A Recipient To My Yahoo Classic Contacts?

Do you want to add a recipient to your Yahoo Mail Classic contacts? Then this blog is absolutely the right choice, and you will not regret coming here. This is because the solutions provided here are reliable and useful. However, if you also have other glitches troubling you then you must not worry; you’ve just got to call up the Yahoo Customer Care Number. And then you will get the assistance of the most highly skilled experts who are available 24/7.

The following are the steps to add a recipient to your Yahoo Classic contacts; follow along carefully to get accurate results:

  • First of all, you need to go to open the email message.
  • After that, you got to select the name of the person that you would like to add to your address book. And it does not matter if the person was the sender or not. As long as you see the name there, you just have to select it.
  • Next, you need to select the three-dot ‘More’ icon which you will see in the upper right corner of the message window to open a list of actions.
  • You will now have to select the ‘Add Sender to Contacts’ option at the bottom of the list.
  • And then a ‘Create Contact’ pane will open on the right side of the window with the name populated, along with other information taken from the email. After which you can enter additional information that you have for the contact that you would like to add, such as you your phone number, nickname, alternative email address, etc.
  • Now finally, you must select the ‘Save’ button. And then a message will appear which will inform you that the new contact has been added to your Yahoo contact list.

After you are through with the steps provided, you should be able to access the same without any problem. Nevertheless, if you come across some issues then you just need to Contact Yahoo Service Number without having any second thoughts at all. And you will be assisted immediately with further instructions and solutions.