How To Change The Default Email Program in Yahoo?

Do you want to learn how to change the default email program in your Yahoo account? Then you will be assisted to do so within the least time possible. And if you also have other queries related then you can directly give a dial on the Yahoo Customer Care Number. Then the highly trained experts will provide you with the most suitable solutions.

Follow the mentioned steps as instructed to get started with the procedure:

  • First of all, you got to open the ‘Control Panel’. This is the quickest way to get to ‘Control Panel no matter what version of Windows is through the ‘Run’ dialog box. You must enter the ‘Control command’ via the ‘WIN + R’ keyboard shortcut.
  • Next, you would have to select the ‘Programs’ option or just skip the step if you do not see that option.
  • And then you should select the ‘Default Programs’ option.
  • You will now have to select the ‘Associate a file type or protocol with a program’ option.
  • Then in Windows 10, you need to select the icon which is under ‘Email’. And in Windows 8 and Windows 7, you will need to select the ‘MAILTO’ option from the given list and then just select the ‘Change program’ button.

TIP: You should also know that the quickest way to find the option in the list is to just select one of the entries and then go to press the ‘M’ key on the keyboard.

  • Finally at last you got to select the email program that is using Yahoo Mail.

TIP: and if you want you could also make Yahoo your default email option in Firefox for selecting the online email link. And to do so you would have to select the ‘Menu’ and go to ‘Options then scroll down to ‘Applications’ next you should choose the ‘Use Yahoo Mail’ from the drop-down menu.

Once you are finished going through the steps given then you should be satisfied and ready to handle the same the next time. But in case you encounter some issues then you can Contact Yahoo Service Number. The technicians will then guide you with appropriate solutions.