How To Create a Group Email List in My Yahoo Account?

Do you need appropriate steps to be able to create a group email list in your Yahoo account? Then in this blog, you will surely find the answers to your queries. And you will not regret coming here at all, as here you will only find rectified solutions that are absolutely reliable. Therefore you just need to go ahead and read this blog, till the end. However, if you also have other related issues troubling you, then you do not have to worry, you’ve just got to give a call on the Yahoo Customer Care Number. And the team of diligent experts will assist you right away with the best solutions.

Follow the mentioned steps accordingly to set up a list for group mailing in your Yahoo account:

  • You must first select ‘Contacts’ it is in the upper right corner of the Yahoo Mail navigation bar.
  • And then you need to select the ‘Lists’ option.
  • Now you also need to select the ‘Create List’ option in the pane below ‘Lists’
  • You will now have to type the desired ‘List name’ for the list.
  • After that, you should add at least one contact in the ‘Add contacts’ field, and then you need to select the ‘Save’ button.

The following are the steps to add members to your Yahoo Mail group:

  • First of all, you need to select the ‘Edit’ button right next to the list that you created.
  • Now you’ve got to add contacts in the ‘Add contacts’ field by entering their name or email address. And then you can select the name that appears to add that address. You should repeat this process until you have all the email addresses that you want.
  • At last, you just need to select the ‘Save’ button to save your new list

When you are done with the above steps you should be all set to access the same without any difficulty. But if you encounter some sort of issues then you must Contact Yahoo Customer Support Number. And the technicians are waiting 24/7 to help the users of yahoo no matter what the issues might be.