How To Create Folders In Yahoo Mail Using a Computer?

Are you searching for appropriate solutions to be able to create folders in your yahoo Mail account using your computer? Well, then you should know that you have reached the right place and here you will not be disappointed with the results. And here you will be assisted right away with the topmost solutions. However, if you also have other related Yahoo issues and queries then you can always feel free to give a dial on the Yahoo Customer Care Number any time you like. This is because the team is available 24/7 round the clock and they have the best solutions related to Yahoo Mail.

The following are the steps to get started with creating folders in your Yahoo Mail account by using your computer; you just need to follow along as instructed to get the desired results:

  • The first thing, you got to do is go to the ‘Folders’ pane and then you must select the ‘New Folder’ option.
  • After that, you would have to enter a name for the folder.
  • And now you need to press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Then at last to access the folder, you will have to select the name as it appears in the ‘Folders’ pane which is on the left side of the inbox.

NOTE: You should know that Yahoo lists folders in alphabetical order. Therefore there is no way that you can rearrange them.

You would have to hover around your mouse cursor over the folder name and then you should select the drop-down arrow that appears to an open menu along with more options. For example; you can delete the folder, however, only if the folder is empty. Therefore you can also create subfolders within the folders that you make.

Once you are through with the above-mentioned steps you should be all ready to manage the same by yourself without any difficulty at all. But in case you come across any issues then you know that you just have to Contact Yahoo Customer Support Number. And the technicians will then guide you with the required instructions as soon as they can.