How To Forward My Yahoo Emails To Another Account?

Are you looking for proper guidance to be able to forward your Yahoo emails to another email account? well if so then you got to be glad that in this blog, you will be guided to do just the same in no time. However, if you need help with other related Yahoo queries then you can always get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Care Number any time you like. Then you will get the assistance of the most diligent and trained experts who are capable to resolve all the related concerns without any delay. And you will not be disappointed with the results as the team will not let your down for they are known to deliver only rectified solutions.

The following are the steps to forward your Yahoo mails to another account:

  • First of all, you got to log in to your Yahoo account.
  • And then you are required to click on the gear icon which is on the upper right corner of the current page right next to your name.
  • After that, you will have to select the ‘More Settings’ tab.
  • And you should also select the ‘Mailboxes’
  • Then you also need to select your primary email mailbox.
  • Now in the panel on the right side, you would have to scroll down to the forwarding filed, and then you need to enter the address to which you want your Yahoo mail forwarded now you have to select the ‘Verify’ option.
  • At last, you just need to log in to that email account, and then you will have to look for a message from Yahoo. And here you will find further instructions to verify your account.

NOTE: You should also bear in mind that only the new incoming email messages will be forwarded.

Once you have gone through the mentioned steps you should be able to access the needful accordingly. But if you come across some sort of glitches then you do not have to worry; you just need to Contact Yahoo Customer Service right away. Then the technicians will provide you with relevant solutions instantly.