How To Set Up And Use Yahoo On An iPhone?

Do you need help in setting and using your Yahoo Mail on an iPhone? Then you will definitely be assisted with absolutely useful steps. And you have other concerns related then you can freely give a call on the Yahoo Customer Care Canada Number. Then the well-qualified experts will provide you with top-notch solutions immediately.

The following steps are to get access to Yahoo Mail on your iPhone – you just got to open the settings to be able to add your Yahoo Mail app:

  • First of all, you need to start by opening Settings.
  • And then you should go to the ‘Mail > Accounts’ option.

NOTE: You should know that this depends on the version of iOS that you are using you might just have to select ‘Settings > Passwords and Accounts or Settings > Mail Contacts > Calendars’.

  • After that, you must choose the ‘Add Account > Yahoo’ option.
  • Now you must enter your Yahoo email address in the provided field and then you need to choose the ‘Next’ button.

TIP: in case you are not sure about where to find your email address then you can click on  ‘How to find your email address.

  • Then you will also have to enter the password for your Yahoo email account and then choose the ‘Sign In’ button.

NOTE: And if you are prompted to enter a code to verify your identity then you just need to follow the given on-screen steps. This depends on how your account is configured and the code will be sent to a different email address or your phone as a text or phone call.

  • You will now have to turn on the ‘Mail’ toggle switch.
  • And optionally you got to enable other items that you would like to sync such as the ‘Contacts or Calendar’ events.
  • Finally at last you would have to go to select the ‘Save’ button.

Once you have gone through the above-given steps then you should be able to manage the same easily. And if you face any problem then you should directly Contact Yahoo Support Service Number. The technicians will be available in no time to guide you further.