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How to Create Two-step Verification for Yahoo

In this world where security is threatened at every corner of the cyber sphere`, it is paramount to employ two step verification process to all the email utilities.

The titular is a utility to add-on an extra layer of security to the already protected yahoo account. This security layer puts in an additional question of “what do you have?” with the already being “Who you are?” “What you are?”

To this end, Yahoo! technical support is here to educate you about how to create the two step verification process for the titular entity.

To set up recovery option:

Step 1: Login into your yahoo account. This step is essential for any user if he wishes to tap into the account settings.

Step 2: Navigate and go o your account security page. This is the location where all of your privacy settings could be manipulated. To this end, the two step verification process is put here.

Step 3: There is a two-step verification tab, toggle this option for further dialogue.

Step 4: You would be presented with two blank spaces. This is a low-key way of yahoo to tell you that you need to fill in either your mobile number or your alternate account info to avail the titular attribute associated with your email ID.

Step 5: Fill in your mobile number.

Step 6: On clicking next, you would be prompted on your cell phone with a unique identification code. This would be the OTP (one time password).

The One Time Password acts as the digital signature for the email ids and many other services on the internet. As the passwords cracking technologies are on the high rise, there was a need for a mechanism that would not only require extra credentials, but also would certify the legitimacy of the user.

Step 7: At the same time of the occurrence of the previous stride, your account would prompt you to add the OTP you received. Enter the credential and voila, your new security layer is added.

For further information in this regard, feel free to contact Yahoo customer service toll free number 1-844-478-5758.


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